December 17th, 2008

This is mostly a test post of the Wordpress bloging software. I do maintain a journal of my travels (link to the right) and go out of my way to not call it a blog. In case you are interested the term BLOG comes from the last four letter of weBLOG. I intend for this to be different from the journal but have not determined just how they will differ. I think this will be directed toward thoughts and maybe more detailed bits on the projects. The journal will be mostly on activities and travels but does tend to slow when I am not traveling. Don’t expect deep thoughts on things like politics and the economy, there are many other blogs that do a much better job than I. I will place links to those on the blog. I will do entries on how I think the effect me and what I may be doing.

Another thought is that I will e digging through my pictures and post interesting buildings I have seen and some of the projects I have done in the past.

So Away we go!